ComicPull is an online Comic Book Retailer, dedicated to getting you comics as smoothly and simply as possible.

ComicPull is a site that allows you pre-order comics and graphic novels, either on an individual basis or as part of a subscription (comics only). ComicPull has one of the largest selections of comics and graphic novels available, with a stock list that is updated daily. In addition, we offer our customers the ability to pre-order comics and graphic novels that have not yet been released, but are available for sale up to 3 months prior to release. By securing a pre-order, you are guaranteeing that we will ship your item on its release date.

Born out of a Brick & Mortar comic book store, ComicPull allows users to create a custom subscription or “Pull” List featuring all their favorite titles. Then, each month, ComicPull orders, receives and ships the books, no muss, no fuss!

Back Issues and Graphic Novels are also available on ComicPull to fill in any gaps in subscriptions and our team of Customer Service Agents are always available to help out with any problems! ComicPull is the perfect solution for new comics readers, long-time readers or comics fans without a local comic store nearby. That covers just about anyone interested in comics who’s looking for an easy, simple way to get their books every month!”

Dear Valued Customer,

We wish to inform you that as of October 22, 2018, it is possible that Canada Post will have an interruption in service, due to a labour dispute.

During this time, the Comic Pull Store will remain open and in operation to take your orders.

We are monitoring the situation closely and if necessary are working on alternate methods of shipping. However, please be advised that this dispute may result in unavoidable delays in the delivery of some Comic Pull Shop Orders.

With regards to already-shipped packages, Canada Post has maintained that if there is a disruption in service, any mail or parcels caught up in the system would be secured and held until operations resume.

If there are any questions, please contact us at support@comicpull.com

Thank you for your continued support,

-The Comic Pull Team